Pokit Things - Freckle and Fudge Lose their Happy Spots

Pokit Things - Freckle and Fudge Lose their Happy Spots
Cast your imagination into Pokit Thing world, sunshine, ‘acorn’ trees, pirate treasure, trapezing yoyos, gaming with tiddly spots and upside down beach balls.

Then everything changes, rain pours down, happy spots are washed away, and bodies turn green. With some odd direction from Cactus George; Freckle and Fudge are on the trail to regain their happy spots.

This edition is ideal for 3 years and older, with vivid and more complex illustrations designed to engage a world of imagination and happiness.

Added scenes of pirate treasure and Jeffrees yoyo, allow your child to start integrating Pokit Things into their lives.

Children are excited to follow along and when they see Jeffree the spider in the text they are ready to shout, 'Because I can'!

Add a Pokit Thing from the cast and bring the characters to life.
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Soft laminate gloss cover.

24-page story book, with pictures.

Written and illustrated by Bryony Jane.

2nd revision, first print 2023.

Each book comes with a 6 pack of stickers (Freckle, Fudge, Jeffree, Cactus George and the Pokit Thing Rainbow + 1 lucky dip sticker).

A bonus pack of Jelly Spots (Beans) is also included - pick your jelly spot option!