Freckle and Fudge Lose their Happy Spots - Sarter Book

Freckle and Fudge Lose their Happy Spots - Sarter Book
This Pokit Things adventure starts with acorn trees, tiddly spots, an
upside down beach ball and catching sun rays - ‘because they can’!

Then it rains, happy spots are washed away, and bodies turn green. With some odd direction from George the Cactus; Freckle, Fudge and Jeffree are on the trail to regain their happy spots.

A perfect starter book for 1- 3-year-olds, with bright illustrations designed to engage a world of imagination and happiness.
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Soft laminate gloss cover.

24-page story book, with pictures.

Written and illustrated by Bryony Jane Books.

1st revision, first print 2023.

Each book comes with a 6 pack of stickers (Freckle, Fudge, Jeffree, Cactus George and the Pokit Thing Rainbow + 1 lucky dip sticker).

A bonus pack of Jelly Spots (Beans) is also included - pick your jelly spot option!